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Looking to modulate your images? Check out this free online tool that lets you modulate with ease! No download required and unlimited usage.


Brightness: 80  Saturation: 75  Hue: 95  

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How to modulate images online?

  • Add all pictures you want to modulate to either by drag and drop section or choose file by click on input area.
  • Enter the value of brightness, saturation and hue in the input box.
  • Click on modulate button to modulate and download the modulated image.
  • You can click on reset button if you want to modulate to new file.
What is image modulating?
  • The `modulate` operation is used to control the brightness, saturation, and hue of an image. This operation can be useful for adjusting the colors in an image or for creating special effects.
  • The `modulate` operation takes three arguments: brightness, saturation, and hue. Each argument is a percentage. A value of 100% means no change, values less than 100% mean a decrease, and values over 100% mean an increase.
  • Please note that the `modulate` operation uses a color model that is different from the RGB color model. The hue argument changes the colors in the image in a way that can be hard to predict. If you want to change the colors in a more predictable way, you might want to use the `color-matrix` operation instead.
What are the uses of image modulate operation?
  • The `modulate` operation has several uses:
  • Adjusting Brightness: The `modulate` operation can be used to adjust the brightness of an image. This can be useful for making an image lighter or darker.
  • Adjusting Saturation: The `modulate` operation can be used to adjust the saturation of an image. This can be useful for making the colors in an image more or less vibrant.
  • Adjusting Hue: The `modulate` operation can be used to adjust the hue of an image. This can be useful for changing the overall color tone of an image.

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