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Resize your images for free with this easy online tool to enlarge or reduce size. Just upload your image and choose your new dimensions in pixels. No download required and use much as you want!


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How to resize images online?

Supports transparent PNGs.

  • Add all files you want to resize either by drag and drop section or choose file by click on input area.
  • Enter the new width and height in pixels for the resized image.
  • Click on Resize button to resize and download the resized file.
  • You can click on reset button if you want to resize new file.
What is image resize operation?
  • The `resize` operation is used to change the size of an image to a specified width and height.
  • The operation requires the new dimensions of the image. The dimensions are specified as a width and height in pixels. If only one dimension is provided, tool will maintain the aspect ratio of the image.
  • Please note that the `resize` operation will not enlarge the image if the specified dimensions are larger than the original image's dimensions. If you want to enlarge the image, you can use the `-scale` operation instead.
What are the uses of image resizing?
  • The `resize` operation has several uses:
  • Image Scaling: The `resize` operation is most commonly used to scale images to a specific size. This is useful when you need an image to fit a certain width and height requirement, such as for a website or application.
  • Optimizing Images for Web: Resizing images is crucial for web optimization. Large images can slow down a website's load time, so images are often resized to a smaller dimension to improve performance.
  • Preprocessing for Image Analysis: In image analysis tasks, it might be necessary to resize images to a standard size before applying other operations.
  • Creating Thumbnails: The `resize` operation can be used to create smaller versions (thumbnails) of larger images, which can be useful for preview purposes.
  • Automating Image Editing: If you have a batch of images that need to be resized to the same dimensions, you can use the `resize` operation in a script to automate the process.
What is the difference between image resize and rescale?
  • Both `rescale` and `resize` operations are used to change the size of an image, but they handle the aspect ratio differently:
  • Resize: The `resize` operation changes the size of an image to the specified dimensions. If only one dimension (width or height) is provided, this tool maintains the original aspect ratio of the image. This means the image's proportions remain the same, and it won't be stretched or squished.
  • Rescale: The `rescale` operation also changes the size of an image to the specified dimensions, but it does not preserve the original aspect ratio if the specified dimensions are not proportional to the original dimensions. This means the image could be stretched or squished to fit the new dimensions.

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