Rotate Images Online

With this free online tool, you can quickly and easily rotate images by specified degree. You don't have download any software and can rotate pictures without any limit. Just select your photos and get rotated images with just a few clicks.


Degrees: 35  Color: rgba(67, 91, 155, 1)  

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How to rotate images online?

You can also make mirrored image.

You can also distort pictures.

  • Add all files you want to rotate either by drag and drop section or choose file by click on input area.
  • Enter the desired degree of rotation in the input box.
  • Enter the desired background color in the input box.
  • Click on Rotate button to rotate and download the rotated file.
  • You can click on reset button if you want to rotate new file.
What is image rotation?
  • The `rotate` operation is used to rotate an image by a specified number of degrees. :
  • The operation takes one argument: the angle by which the image should be rotated. Positive values will rotate the image clockwise, while negative values will rotate it counterclockwise.:
  • Please note that the `rotate` operation will expand the canvas as necessary to fit the rotated image. If you don't want this, you can use the `trim` operation afterwards to remove the extra space.
What are the uses of image rotation?
  • The `rotate` operation has several uses:
  • Image Orientation: The most common use of the `rotate` operation is to correct the orientation of an image. For example, if a photo has been taken with the camera held sideways, you can use the `rotate` operation to turn the image to the correct orientation.
  • Creating Variations of an Image: The `rotate` operation can be used to create different variations of an image for use in design or art projects.
  • Preprocessing for Image Analysis: In some image analysis tasks, it might be necessary to rotate an image to a certain orientation before applying other operations.
  • Automating Image Editing: If you have a batch of images that need to be rotated to the same angle, you can use the `rotate` operation in a script to automate the process.

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